Why I don’t Shoot Weddings

I am often asked why don’t you shoot weddings, surely you will make a lot of money from shooting them. Yes, I probably would but it is not about the money at the end of the day. I just don’t love it and I am a firm believer in if you are not passionate about it then it will show up in your images. If I was a bride, I would not want a photographer who wasn’t super excited about photographing every moment of my wedding. Yes, there are aspects of it that I do enjoy it is not my passion.

A few weeks back, I did a TFCD shoot with Chantal Drummond Photography, it was originally meant to be a fashion shoot…I was pretty excited because then i could practice some ‘fashion’ poses, do a little glamour…all in all get some great shots for my portfolio.

Anyway last minute, the model decides she wants to do a bridal shoot…totally not my cup of tea. I went along with it as I had agreed to do the make-up and thought oh well i can’t use it in my photography portfolio but it could be fun.

I have to admit it wasn’t that bad but I definitely was not feeling the passion and excitement I usually do when I shoot. Meanwhile, Chantal (being a really good wedding photographer) was oozing enough love and passion for us both…hehe!

So basically it boils down to…I can shoot weddings but choose not to. I would rather leave those fantastic wedding photographers to it.

Here are two of my shots from the day (not too bad…if I must say so myself)

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