Small break…

I know I haven’t posted in a while…which is very naughty of me and it is not that I don’t care or I am no longer doing boudoir photography. It is that I took a little break to plan my wedding and get married.

It was a hectic yet amazing experience. We decided to get married at Sante Hotel & Spa in Paarl, Cape Town. Everyone asks why would you get married in Cape Town…just look at the photo below and you will find yourself asking why wouldn’t you get married in the Cape. It is the sheer beauty that the Cape beholds…mountains, vineyards, sea, beaches…your options are endless. You know being a photographer – these things are important :)

I will not bore you with any further details, expect I am sure you want to know who the photographer was…It was my dear friend and super talented photographer – Claire Nicola King of Claire Nicola Photography

wedding, Claire Nicola Photography

Photo by Claire Nicola Photography

Why I don’t Shoot Weddings

I am often asked why don’t you shoot weddings, surely you will make a lot of money from shooting them. Yes, I probably would but it is not about the money at the end of the day. I just don’t love it and I am a firm believer in if you are not passionate about it then it will show up in your images. If I was a bride, I would not want a photographer who wasn’t super excited about photographing every moment of my wedding. Yes, there are aspects of it that I do enjoy it is not my passion.

A few weeks back, I did a TFCD shoot with Chantal Drummond Photography, it was originally meant to be a fashion shoot…I was pretty excited because then i could practice some ‘fashion’ poses, do a little glamour…all in all get some great shots for my portfolio.

Anyway last minute, the model decides she wants to do a bridal shoot…totally not my cup of tea. I went along with it as I had agreed to do the make-up and thought oh well i can’t use it in my photography portfolio but it could be fun.

I have to admit it wasn’t that bad but I definitely was not feeling the passion and excitement I usually do when I shoot. Meanwhile, Chantal (being a really good wedding photographer) was oozing enough love and passion for us both…hehe!

So basically it boils down to…I can shoot weddings but choose not to. I would rather leave those fantastic wedding photographers to it.

Here are two of my shots from the day (not too bad…if I must say so myself)