Spice up my Life

In the spirit of Women’s month, Spice4Life has chosen and featured a large arrange of women from all walks of life. I am honoured to be one of them!

I filled in an array of interview style questions and submitted a photo of myself…crossed my fingers…and hoped that it would be featured and sure enough it was :)

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about me, I am sure you will learn something new from this article. It explores every aspect of my life from my passion – photography, family, inspiration to the places I love in JHB.

If you are interested in reading the whole article go to:


In addition, I am reposting the awesome photo that Candice took of me that has been featured with the article – that way you can recognise me…hehe :)


A little bit of fun

This week-end, I blackmailed my friend, Candice, so she would come over and take some photo’s of me. As I needed to submit a landscape photo to Spice4Life (I am sure you will see and hear more about this at a later date). There obviously had to be payment involved, so I cooked dinner for her and her husband…I say I but in fact my boyfriend, Garith cooked the dinner as I was editing the photo’s :)

Basically, I set-up the lights for Candy and left her to go crazy – I must say I expected more instruction than she gave me because when I photograph her…I give her lots of  instructions…the joys of friendship…hehe.

However, it was great fun and I love the pics that we got. I still prefer to be behind the lens than in front of it. Although, I think I have a new found respect for models – it is hard work looking this good all the time…hehe.

These are the three images that I liked the most. I thought I would include different edits, just to make it fun…check out the last one – love it – so me! hehe!

Again, I would like to thank Candy for all her help and patience, not only with the photo shoot but with everything else as well! Love u lots xxx

And an edit for my retro side – just love the colours and look of this…makes me feel so vintage and 70′s…so my style!