The Move

I have been absent for a while, as I moved from a tiny little flat into a big beautiful house. Therefore, it took a while and a lot of pleading to get Telkom to fix and install my telephone/ADSL line.

I am happy to announce that I am back in the land of the living as I have been feeling very cut off from the real world. Amazing how we come to reply on the internet so much, a Blackberry is great, keeps me up-to-date on emails and Facebook but I find that I prefer to use my laptop when typing up a blog or browsing the net.

Also, another little update, I have changed jobs, and have been given my notice period off, so I am available to do shoot anytime during the month of April. So anyone that is interested, just give me a shout ;)

This week, I will finish putting up the pics and stories of the last few ladies that I shot at the boudoir party all those weeks ago :)

Here is a not so great pic of the new house (the section on the far right will become my studio – can’t wait till it’d finished)