Celtic heart wrist tattoo

I know this is my Pretty Boudoir photo blog but I also feel that from these blogs and images you should get a sense of who I am. As a lot of who I am, is in my photography, so here is a little insight into me :)

I decided that I wanted a tattoo on my wrist…I already have 2 which I had done about 9 years ago. I have been thinking about getting another one for some years but hadn’t found a design that spoke to me. However, last week I found a design online, so I booked, paid and had it done yesterday.

The design I found was a Celtic heart design with the triquetra (all my tattoo’s are Celtic…they have a deep spiritual meaning for me). I had the tattoo done at Fallen Heroes in Parkhurst…like wow, fab place! I was so impressed with their professionalism and work…Bryan du Rand did such a fab job and I would highly recommend him for any work you want done. Go have a look at his portfolio…some really beautiful custom work!

Also, he really helped to calm me down, as he realised I was a little nervous. I was expecting it to be very painful…as the others were so long ago…I couldn’t remember. However, I must admit it hardly hurt…which was a pleasant surprise.

Well, I am sure you all want to know what it looks like. So here is a celphone pic I took right after it was completed. I must just say another huge thank you to Bryan and the team at Fallen Heroes for such a fantastic experience…might see you in a future ;)

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