New Adventure – Femme Fatale

I am not even sure where to begin with this post as I am so excited about our new adventure. Chantal Drummond (one my close friends and fellow boudoir photographer) and I have finally joined forces in the boudoir photography arena. We have been talking about this for over a year…but timing just wasn’t right. To cut a long story short…the time is right and we have launched an exclusive boudoir offering and studio…Femme Fatale. Our glamorous team is made up of us and 2 amazingly talented make-up artists & hair stylists - Monique Swanepoel and Shandrè Swart.

We launched Femme Fatale at the Oakfield Winter Wedding Expo on the 5th & 6th July. It was a raging success and I have to say…I couldn’t be happier or prouder of all of us! In addition, people’s positive encouragement and support has been fantastic and more than we could have ever hoped for…it has been a great start to an exciting and fun-filled adventure.

So, ladies if you are looking to give your partner a gift they will never forget and is almost guaranteed to add a sparkle to your relationship…give us a shout at Femme Fatale and book yourself a boudoir experience that will have you feeling and looking like the diva you are!

Not sure what to expect…visit our website to get all the info you need :

Here is a few pics of our gorgeous team.

femme fatale boudoir