Lady in Red

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing a smoking hot lady – Bella Rozi. The first thing I noticed about her, was her stunning and striking eyes as well as her long silky black hair! Just love the combo – so sultry.

She brought along a red lace umbrella – such an awesome prop. We really played around with it and think we got some great and fun shots with it.

I just love all her tattoo’s and believe that they too can look sexy – alternative is beautiful – definitely think we achieved that in the pics ;)  We had a fantastic and fun shoot…we both enjoyed ourselves so much that we ran over time…by over an hour…however, totally in love with the pics!

There will be more on Bella Rozi soon as I am still in the process of editing her second outfit – blue bombshell, but just could not wait to share these with you as she looks so beautiful, hot and sexy in these.

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